Cultivation support

An institution in the Dutch and international greenhouse industry for over 35 years.

 Our expertise is to provide support and advice with regard to the following crops:

  • Vegetable fruits:
    - Tomatoes
    - Sweet peppers
    - Cucumbers
  • Cut flowers (e.g. roses)
  • Breeding and seed production companies
  • Propagation (vegetables and decorative plants)
  • Organic production
  • Medical Canabis
  • Cultivation of herbs and lettuce on water

Our consultancy services can be provided on-site or by telephone, email or Skype contact. The number of visits is mutually agreed. During our visits we look beyond the technical aspects of cultivation alone; we also take your operational management into consideration. Our on-site visits can be divided into three phases:

  • Crop evaluation
  • Discussion of the previous period
  • Strategy for the upcoming period